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How much money is slipping through your fingers?

November 5, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

thumbnailHave you ever purchased something and then later realized that you wish you hadn’t made the purchase?  

Sometimes I get overly excited about a purchase.  I FINALLY found that denim skirt I was looking for.  Yeah, maybe it’s a little baggy at the waist but I can make it work.  Right?  Um, maybe not.  I think many of us have similar experiences.  But the question is, do you take the time to return that item?

Do you stop by your local coffee shop on your way to work to buy a fancy latte or an overpriced cappuccino and find yourself only drinking half of it?

The next time you make a purchase, think about if it’s really worth your hard earned money.  Take a look at your credit card statement or bank statement and look at the expenditures.  How many of the expenses listed could you have done without?  How much money did you waste because of boredom or laziness?

And while you’re thinking about your daily expenditures, think about ways that you can curb that spending.  Keep a card in your wallet (either close to your cash or your credit card) that says “Do you really need this?”  Perhaps that little reminder will make you think twice about spending your precious dollars.

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