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Do You Need Financial Help?

January 27, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’m not always sure what pops into people’s heads when they hear the term “financial planner.”  Before I decided to pursue financial planning as a profession, I generally believed that financial planners spent most of their time selling insurance or investment products.  And to be honest, this characterization is one of the reasons I did not pursue financial planning a long time ago.  I did not want to be a sales person and I wanted to focus on helping people rather than convincing them to purchase a particular product. 

But I gradually learned about different types of financial planners and I decided to open a practice where clients would not feel pressured to purchase products.  I wanted to provide no-strings attached financial advice to people who wanted to responsibly manage their money.   So I started a fee-only financial planning practice. 

So you may be wondering: is financial planning for me?  Some reasons to use a financial planner include the following:

  • You have no interest or time to manage my finances
  • You would like confirmation that you’re making the correct financial decisions given your goals  
  • You  have a special situation that requires more complicated financial analysis (e.g., chronic illness, special needs child, self-employed)
  • You can’t get your spending under control
  • You need help eliminating your debt

But if you’re still not sure or would like more information on what a financial planner can do for you, I recommend this New York Times article.  As the article mentions, wealthy families have relied on financial planners for years and ” paying for advice is as natural as paying the landscaper.”  But more and more non-wealthy Americans are finding that a financial planner can provide a financial checkup or financial guidance that can help them get on the right track.  Do you fall into any of the groups of people who could use professional financial help?

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