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Getting Answers to Your Career and Job Questions

February 2, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s hard to manage your money when you don’t have any.  Unless you are born wealthy, your job and your salary have a lot to do with you ability to handle your finances. Maybe you are having difficulty managing you finances because you are struggling to find work that will allow you to financially support yourself.  Or maybe you are concerned about leaving a high paying job to pursue a less lucrative career.

There are a lot of new career and job issues that have popped up due to the changes in the economy.  In an effort to address these issues, I have asked Nancy Pascal, a Career Coach, to be my guest blogger for February.   Ms. Pascal is a career specialist who counsels individuals on career transitions.  She spent over ten years as a recruiter where she focused on diversity recruiting.  Ms. Pascal is sought after for her career coaching, her deep understanding of the employment marketplace and her ability to use such understanding to advise and match employers and candidates successfully.  Ms.  Pascal has conducted several workshops and has been invited to speak on numerous panels regarding career opportunities.

Throughout February, Ms. Pascal will post information regarding some commonly asked career questions and issues.  But, she will also answer your specific job and career questions.   Do you have questions about negotiating a severance package that you know is coming down the pipeline?  Do you need information on interviewing?  How about ways to deal with issues or conflicts with your current job or boss?  If you would like some answers, please send your questions to careeranswers08@aol.com.  Your information will be kept confidential so don’t be afraid to ask your most pressing career and job questions.

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