What is “Your Money and Your Mind”?

Your Money and Your Mind is blog that discusses money management and how personal behavior impacts financial decisions.  Everyone’s relationship with money is impacted by who they are as a person.  We may know all the right things to do regarding money but that doesn’t stop us from buying high and selling low or spending our paychecks before we pay our bills.

Who are you?

My name is Kimberly Allman.  I am a financial consultant and the President of Allman Financial Planning, LLC.  I am also a foreclosure prevention specialist with the New York Mortgage Coalition and an attorney.  Through my financial consulting business, I help people dissect their relationship with money in an effort to help them take control of their financial lives and reach their financial goals.  I also give financial workshops and trainings to help educate groups about the best ways to manage their money.

I started my career as a securities lawyer, advising clients on a variety of investment products including hedge funds, mutual funds and real estate investment trusts. I realized after several years that I didn’t want to spend my day helping investment banks and hedge funds.  I wanted to help people who were looking for unbiased  financial help.  I decided to follow my passion and have been advising people on money and their finances ever since.

I received my AB in Psychology and Political Science from Duke University and my JD from Cornell University Law School.  I have a certificate in financial planning from Boston University and I have a NCHEC Certification in Foreclosure Intervention and Default Counseling.

I have been featured in the following publications:

Forbes Woman

Black Enterprise Magazine




I am always happy to talk to individuals and groups about budgeting, foreclosure prevention, debt management, retirement planning and all things relating to financial education and money management.  Feel free to contact me at kimberly@allmanfinancialplanning.com.

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